Green Power For Your Family – Solar Panel Family Education Project

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Are you and your family concerned about global warming? Do you want to do something to help the environment and save planet earth? Does your family like doing things together? Are your children old enough to benefit from a family project? If so, why not build a solar panel as a family project and learn about Green Power. This article will tell you how to get started.

Here are ten reasons to get started on your solar panel family education project

The price of electricity will soar during the next ten years.
Solar power is a freely available resource.
Solar energy is a sustainable source of power
Solar power will reduce greenhouse gases and shrink your carbon footprint.
Your childrens’ future will include solar power.
Green power will help save planet earth.
Solar energy may offer a new career path for your children.
Your children will learn important solar science lessons.
Your family will have a positive impact on the environment.
This can be a fun project for your family.

Start by motivating your family

Reinforce your family’s interest in the environment. Post a list of environmentally-friendly things each family member can do to help save planet earth. Things like — Recycle! Turn off lights when they are not is use! Conserve water! Buy environmentally friendly products for your home and garden!

Help family members understand why these things are important.

Talk about solar energy during family conversations

Talk about how the sun’s energy can be used to dry clothes. How the sun’s warmth can help warm the house in wintertime. Ask family members to think of other ways the sun can help, such as heating water for “sun tea.”

Ask family members to think of ways solar power is already being used — for example: solar hand-held calculators, light-sensitive switches, solar panels for camping. Explain that solar power is Green Power — it reduces the amount of carbon-based fuels (e.g., fuel oil, coal) that would otherwise be burned to generate electric power and result in greenhouse gases and pollution.


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